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Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, in the Summer 2019, category of Short Story
Publication Date: June 5, 2018
Available to purchase: XlibrisAmazonBN, and Kobo
e-Book: 978-1-9845-1843-9
Softcover: 978-1-9845-1842-2
Hardcover: 978-1-9845-1841-5

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, in the Spring 2010, category of Novel
Publication Date: February 24, 2010

Available to purchase: Xlibris, Amazon, BN, and Kobo
e-Book: 978-1-9845-1842-2
Softcover: 978-1-9845-1841-5
Hardcover: 978-1-9845-1843-9

THE AUTHORS SHOW CONTEST: Thank You Note and Winner Announcement

To all my supporters who have voted me (who have confirmed and haven't confirmed yet) or even haven't participated to vote me yet during the contest of "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading", I would like to thank you for spending the time to read my post here and at Facebook, visit the contest website page, read my essay, and give me a vote. On Saturday, Oct 15 was the winner announcement and I'm included in the winner list of "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading".

As my appreciation to thank you for all of your great support, I present two free e-books, brought to you from my sponsor, Viviana Andrew, one of the Enthusiasm Ambassadors and the owner of Resources for Moms and Kids. Please, visit this link to download. This free download won't be long. So please, get is as soon as possible when you have a chance.

Below, I enclose all the voters who have confirmed. Next week, I'll link all the voters who have blog at my Supporters page.


Yanee Lasahido (Indonesia), Ani Pratamawati (Indonesia), Ruth DP (Indonesia), Armalia (Indonesia), Mardjuki Winarno (Indonesia), Chichinda Huwae (Indonesia), Bintang Aja (Indonesia), Nila Kusumawati (Indonesia), Rino Aksan (Indonesia), Tresia T. Neve (US), Maria Coleman (US), Wibawanti Cahyasari (Indonesia), Viviana Andrew (Malaysia), Katharina Rika A (Indonesia), Rachman Ramali (Indonesia), Indah Sulistyowati (Indonesia), Ambar Purwaningrum (Indonesia), Indah Hauree (French), Ida Tri Wulandari (Indonesia), Warung Bu Roesman (Indonesia), Joeli Soetantyo (US).


Janice Phipps (US), Darlene (US), Shakira (US), Martilla (US), Jahan (US), Maryan (US), Sanjeev Mehta (US), Bala Raja (US), Kulvinder Kour (US), Anthony Buckner (US), Compton Duncan (US), Victoria Wilson (US), Anrifat Abouba Kar (US), Barbara Strutynski (US), Barbara Doerr (US), Maria Campa (US), Brunilda (US), Justin Bruce (US), Jogindher Singh (US), Shalena Barnett (US), Lymus Grey (US), Daniel Mole (US), Phillip Bond (US), Trish (US), Shannon Duff (US), Kimberly Maddox (US).

Online Co-workers:

Robert Nio (Indonesia), Mien Setiawan (Indonesia), Heni Kurniawati (Indonesia), Supadiyanto (Indonesia), Wahyu Ari Wicaksono (Indonesia), Badiyo (Indonesia).


Yasvi Galeri (Indonesian Visual Art Foundation), KabarIndonesia (Daily online news based on the citizen reporter), Promo Sijori Foundation (Indonesia), Komunikasi Bina Kasih Foundation (Indonesia).


Yonny Koen (Indonesia), Latifah Farray (Indonesia), Sri Nurhidayah (Indonesia), Supandi (Indonesia).


Jennie S. Bev
(US), Nenny Makmum (Indonesia), Yunita Phillips (US), Edy Zaqeus (Indonesia), Anang YB (Indonesia), Oscar Prajnapala (Indonesia)


Yuniasari Shinta Dewi (Indonesia), Sahala Napitupulu II (Indonesia), Iryani Syahrir (Indonesia).


Shirley Hallock (US), Nina Wardi (Indonesia), Avy Lotus (Europe), Alina Hartono (Indonesia), Troeno Marayoga (Indonesia), Marcella (US), Edwin Moreno (US), Maria Robles (US), Henny Sulityowati (Indonesia), June Wyllae (US).


Joel M. Indrasmoro (Indonesia), Nancy Dinar (Korea)


Pieter Silitonga (Indonesia), Milton Coyne (Philippine), Theivanai Gnanantham (Malaysia), Mariuca (Malaysia).


Parlina Wi (Indonesia), Ruslan Andy Chandra (Indonesia), Aryo Wibowo (Indonesia), Achmad Ismail Basnawi (Indonesia), Ryonn San (Australia), Gladies Petra (Indonesia), Santi Erawaty (Indonesia), Berlin B. Le Van (US).


Greg (US), Agustinus Rohayadi (Indonesia), Frances (US), Endang Dwi Astuti (Indonesia), Septiana Cahyanti (Indonesia), Maria Elisabeth S (Indonesia), Irfan (Indonesia), Little Mermaid (US), Lily Sikome (Indonesia). ***


viviana October 22, 2011 at 12:07 AM  

Congratulations to be in the top 50 winners! It's really a tough battle. I salute your enthusiasm that never dies and you really value/appreciate people and friends around you. You're a special friend to me!

Fida Abbott October 29, 2011 at 4:50 AM  

Viviana, I have no other words to express how big thanks to you, my dear friend.

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