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Publication Date: June 6, 2018
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Free Public Speaking for Coatesville Community

Author Fida Abbott is offering free public speaking for a small group, community, schools, church, and organizations for Spring - Fall 2017.

Theme: Motivation

Audience: Children, teenagers, youth, young adult, and adult 

Location: Coatesville, PA and radius 1 mile from Coatesville, PA

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About the Author:

     Fida Abbott is an award-winning author and blogger. Her book Enthusiasm received a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award from the North American Book Entrepreneur (NABE) in 2010. In 2011, she was chosen as 2011 winner of 50 Great Writers You Should be Reading, presented by TheAuthorsShow.com. Her blog, www.fidaabbott.blogspot.com received Honorable Mention from BlogNetAwards.com in 2009 and was a Finalist of Christian Indonesian Blogger Festival in 2008, presented by Jawaban.com.

     Fida has been writing since she was thirteen. Her first short story was published in the Middle School Magazine in Surabaya, Indonesia, the city where she was born. Her first publication in the local daily newspaper was her poem she wrote when she was in High School.

     In 2002 she came to the USA and married her American fiance. With her husband and her daughter, they live in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, a city where she resides and expresses herself in her writings in English and Indonesian.

     She is the director of an online writing course. www.pelatihanmenulis.com, as well as KabarIndonesia, an online Indonesian news, based on the citizen reporter, www.kabarindonesia.com. She is also a certified Department of Defense Language Instructor for Bahasa Indonesia, serving United States Air Force (USAF). In addition to writing, she is a motivational speaker covering writing and other topics.

     Another new blog she wrote is created because of her background as a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture is www.worldofflora.blogspot.com. (*)


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