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Published: November 26, 2020

A Nice Comment from a Reader in Malaysia

Authors like appreciations from their readers. It will give them more enthusiastic and energy to be more creative to write. Appreciation can be a comment, a review, or an input. It can be formal or non formal. 

Thank you Viviana from Malaysia who wrote a very nice comment/statement on facebook along with this picture last January. She made me smile and I appreciate her support.

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What a better way to celebrate a new year by reading a new book! I am honored to give a book review for my long-time friend, Fida Abbott. We have been virtual friends since 2010, knowing her from her blog, I guess our friendship lasts long because we share similarities of being an immigrant, a housewife, love Internet and writing and value personal growth. Amid our busy life with family and work, we pursue our passion.
I was never a fan of fiction books. I prefer reading non-fiction books related to my work to gain information or knowledge. Fida encouraged me to read her short-stories. Her stories are sweet, amusing and juicy. Therefore I placed small mandarin oranges along with her book. Every short story is like a small orange which is sweet, fragrant, juicy and easy to digest. I enjoy reading her short stories like savoring fresh fruits.
What I learnt from reading her book:
- the message is memorable when it's conveyed in a story. There's wisdom in every short story.
- everyone is possible to create their own stories from everyday life events and observation and it doesn't have to be your story. It's amazing to see that Fida used the 3rd person to craft the stories.
- Tips, step-by-step guide and resources for those who aspire to write stories for fun or profits.
- Reading stories is good for right brain as they evoke sensation and emotion.
The book is available at amazon
Read the book reviews here or you can leave a review.
Her official website,
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Published on Friday, February 8, 2019


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